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For Law Firms

We see success as going a lot further than the introduction of a lawyer in to a law firm. Success is measured by the longevity of the hire(s). To achieve this goal, we will ensure that we gain an in-depth understanding of what you are looking to achieve from a hire. If appropriate, we might counsel on reverse engineering the project back to its genesis and to this end we work closely with Mark Brandon of Motive Legal.

We offer four principal services to law firms. Any one or more of these approaches might be used at the same time. In particular, Advertised Search would see an employment of both Executive Search and Advertising services.

Executive Search

We will on either a contingent or retained basis, identify the most appropriate individuals for the role at hand and then, having agreed from a “long list” which lawyers to approach, we will make discrete approaches with a view to meeting and discussing the role face to face and thereby determining inter alia, suitability and interest levels. The long list will not simply be a list of names but will itself include biographical details of each individual, including career histories and recent transactions. Executive search lends itself best to exclusive mandates and in all cases, we undertake not to speak to those headhunted lawyers about any other opportunities in the market until such time as they are released from consideration.

Research is not entrusted to juniors. It is handled by those who manage the process. This guarantees the integrity of the research.


We can secure for you optimum positioning in all of the leading publications both online and offline. The rates that we can obtain are discounted and we add no mark up at all to the rates that are handed down to us. The advertising might be with a view to raising profile or purely with a view to recruitment of a key individual or individuals. The responses to these adverts are collated by us and we will then move to meet all appropriate lawyers and to then produce reports on those that have been met and are suitable for interview.

Database Search

We stay in contact with those lawyers that are registered with us and will let them know of appropriate roles as and when they arise.


Advice on salaries, bonuses, benefits, market forces, benchmarking, departmental and pervasive structuring.  Candid appraisal on the likelihood of success of any project. Speaking at partner retreats.

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